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Au-pair in Germany

With 80 million inhabitants, Germany is one of the leading industrializations and has a lot to offer in your Au-pair time. Germany is a green country. Extensive forests and meadows dominate the landscape outside of the metropolitan areas. With their many green areas, the cultural offer and the cities offers a pleasant living space in which you will feel comfortable. From the north to the south, there is an enormous variety of landscapes: just off the coast in the north lie the Frisian islands with their nature reserves and bird paradise islands. The Wadden Sea has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2009 and is one of the greatest landscapes in the world. In the mild climate of the Rhine Valley, the best grapes for excellent German wines thrive. Hiking, biking, and nature can be explored in the uplands and on the Plateau of the Swabian Alb. In the north-east of the country lies the Mecklenburg Lake Plateau, the largest cohesive lake landscape in Europe. The Alps in the south attract not only nature lovers and mountain climbers magically but also winter sportsmen. As an Au-pair in Germany, you will find an exciting time in a technically highly developed country and one of the world’s leading economies. At the same time the small towns with their historic, heritage-protected city centers are a reflection of the old traditional Germany, the customs and the typical German way of life. You can follow the traces of famous literary figures, artists, and philosophers across the country and visit the sites of their work. One encounters culture everywhere. Germany is not for nothing the land of poets and thinkers.

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Modern life with moments of pleasure

Throughout the country, castles and palaces tell us the history of Germany in the times of the Wittelsbacher and Hohenzollerns. The buildings of King Ludwig II, Neuschwanstein Castle, Herrenchiemsee, and Linderhof Palace are world wide famous because of their lavish pruning. If you are visiting Germany you shouldn’t miss this experience. But not only the history speaks for an interesting Au-pair stay. Many leading international trade fairs take place in Germany. In the cities, there are interesting congresses, exhibitions and a varied cultural program. The German way of life includes street cafés and small farmers’ markets, as well as large shopping centers, museums, and theaters. Here you can spend your spare time and relax after shopping in the heart of the inner cities. Cultural events such as concerts, festivals, readings and cinemas will give you the opportunity to meet people and expand your horizon. There are many cozy pubs and bars to go out and meet. The Germans work a lot, but also celebrate and enjoy life. In the summer, numerous summer festivals take place in every region of the country. Culinary in Germany is the hearty cuisine. The Germans are famous all over the world for their beer, which is brewed strictly according to the purity and the sausage. Each region has its own specialties, which you should definitely try. Good food is an important part of the German way of life. Germany is the perfect destination for your Au-pair stay if you are a culturally interested and love outdoor activities. Whether in the mountains or in the countryside: there is hardly a sport that is not offered.

Discover the German culture in everyday life

The Germans and their way of life can be best experienced in your host family. From the Family Day on you get insights into the German life, which no tourist will experience. The Germans are always open and friendly. Together with your host family, you will celebrate traditional festivals, such as Easter, Midsummer festival, harvest festivals and church festivals. During the Au-pair period, you will be able to supervise the children to a large extent independently, thus relieving your host parents. You bring the children to school and cook simple meals for them. In the afternoon, you supervise the homework, play with them and do light housework. Here you can use and improve your language skills. As an Au-pair, you are a valuable help, bear responsibility for the children and are a member of the family.

Better career opportunities and more self-confidence are your profit

Germany is the fourth largest economic nation in Europe. The sectors with the highest turnover are automotive, electronics, chemicals and mechanical engineering. German companies are trading partners of many nations. As an Au-pair in Germany, you gain extensive knowledge in language and culture and thus have many career prospects in business and trade. Staying abroad is always a time of personal growth. New impressions expand the horizon and give you self-confidence – private and at work. For employers, an Au-pair stay equals world-class, flexibility, sense of responsibility and resilience. Your career and career opportunities are growing enormously.

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