The ideal guest gift

A popular tradition is to bring the guest parents a small present. But as good the gesture is meant, so many sandtraps are also waiting. What should you consider as au-pair in the selection of the gift?

National or regional are welcome

Often, as an Au-pair, the hobbies or preferences of the guest parents are not known in advance. Therefore, the gift should not be too special. You are on the safe side if you are choosing a gift that is related to the country or region you come from. This will also bring your host family closer to your own home.

There are also plenty of possibilities here. If you are an Au-pair from a world cultural heritage region, a picture book with the local sights is a good idea. Alternatively, salt spreaders in the form of a regional icon are as well conceived as beautifully or designed ceramic mugs, if the area is known for it.

In general, the gifts should be a small gift and express gratitude. Nobody has to spend a lot on it, especially since there could be problems with the customs.

Caution with foodstuffs

This should also be considered for foodstuffs. You shouldn’t give food as a present. Although gummy bears or certain chocolate brands are popular in foreign countries. But imports are subject to strict conditions. In addition, food can spoil on the journey and cultural reasons can also be problematic depending on the destination country.