Problem “braces”

For beautiful and regular teeth sometimes a brace is required. The wearing of such a, usually firm, the clamp is associated with regular visits to the orthodontist. The braces must be adjusted at regular intervals, or in some cases even repaired, which is usually unproblematic in the home country.

High treatment costs in Germany

Abroad, these treatments or treatment costs are not covered by the Au-pair insurance. However, the costs to the Au-pair or the host family by visiting an orthodontist are immense and can quickly reach several thousand euros. These expenses are both financially demanding and posing major problems for both sides. With a corresponding planning of the Au-pair in advance, these difficulties can be avoided.

Solution: Have the brace replaced by loose braces

If you wear a fixed brace, you should have it replaced by a loose, removable brace before your Au-pair stay. The removable version can replace the fixed brace for a limited period of time. The advantage is that the loose braces do not have to be adjusted regularly. For the rare case that the clasp is damaged in the Au-pair time, you can leave it away, which means it will temporarily interrupt your dental treatment but you can continue at home after the Au-pair time. This ensures that no incalculable costs are incurred either on you or on your guest family. In any case, discuss the topic with your orthodontist.